Dec/07/2017 - PMI Talent Management Conference 2017

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    How can PM professionals cultivate the skills the market—and employers—demand? How can organizations develop PM talent that adapts to change and leads them to success?

    Stay ahead of career requirements and organizational demands at the PMI Talent Management Conference 2017, the only talent management event designed exclusively for PM professionals!

    Hiring managers and organizational leaders will learn the latest tips on:

    Recruiting, retaining and developing PM talent for organizational success
    Dealing with issues like attrition and turnover
    Creating a culture that fosters innovative PM talent
    Individual PM professionals will get the latest insights on:

    The skills they need to stay valuable to their organizations and relevant in the field
    How to prepare for project leadership
    The current jobs outlook—what it means for the profession and career development

    More information here.

    This conference is free for PMI members, and, if you're not, we have 3 invitations, just reply this post.


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