Dec/05/2017 - Combining Agile and Traditional Approaches to Project Management

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    Dr. Blaize Horner Reich has recently completed a survey of projects to explore the influence of agile methods across many project types. She will present the findings of this work, which asks questions such as

    Do agile approaches contribute to project success?
    Can agile and waterfall methods be combined successfully?
    Are the same factors important in agile and non-agile environments?

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  • Thanks for sharing @Christian-Mendieta-Ruiz. I registered for the Webinar.

  • As project manager professionals, it is our responsibility strive toward continuous learning to increase the skills (tools) available to us when taking on work. If we are not too constrained by the organizational environment, we should apply to the tools from our toolkit to best serve the needs of the business (customer) and project. If the org environment is constrained, it is a great opportunity to use our influence to garner the support needed to apply different approaches or techniques for project delivery.