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    The Project Management Office certainly plays an important role in the organization, at the same time, and depending how it's managed it's exposed to the risk of being cataloged as a bureaucratic entity with no value neither to its users nor the organization.
    In my professional experience I manage a PMO, and, instead of building an entity with pseudo-authority over projects and people, I decided to give it a twist: we serve other projects and the people.
    Here are some specific actions we took in order to serve our team:

    • We created simplified templates for project planning and execution
    • We rolled out a project management tool for tracking
    • We conduct monthly Brown Bags, where we have a speaker that exposes a specific project to the whole community.
    • We created an internal website with all our activities, resources (recorded Brown Bags)
    • Corporate-wide we use Slack for communication, so, we developed an integration between Slack and our PM tool e.g. To create user stories directly from Slack.
    • We provide training on Traditional and Agile methodologies.
    • We created a Project Management Community of Practice, which involves project managers and scrum masters from other divisions to discuss ideas, any roadblocks they might have, etc.

    So far, so good, except for some resistance on the adoption of the project management tool (as expected), am I missing something? What's your experience with a PMO?

    If you have some ideas, feel free to post them, or, if I'm wrong (which is an option as well) let me know.
    Christian Mendieta

  • Hey christine. Your Theme is good. May I know, which tool are you using?

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    @jamesaidan Hi! we're using Targetprocess.

  • @christian-mendieta-ruiz Thanks for the revert.


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