Any tips to pass the PMP certification?

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    It's widely known that the PMP exam is one of the hardest in the industry.
    Do you have a secret-sauce that helped you to pass the PMP exam?
    I have a couple of hints:

    • Do not memorize, if you try to memorize the dozens of inputs and outputs of every process group it will be an incredible waste of time, with a very low reward. I can hardly remember any question in the exam about this.
    • Fill your gaps, focus on the areas you have the least experience, those will be your harder questions. Those areas could be budget, human resources, communications, etc.
    • The PMBOK is a valuable resource, but it's hard to read (personal opinion) you might be more confortable with Rita's or Head First exam guides.
    • Setup a deadline for the exam, and plan towards that date. No excuses, no holidays, no distractions, study hard.

    Do you have any tips to share?


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