How did I obtain my RMP certification?

  • I decided the RMP certification among other options, because I consider important for me to put more focus on the risks and the tools for a better project management.
    I started my journey in the similar way as my previous certification (PMP): with Rita’s book for RMP and of course, the Project Management body of knowledge and the Practice standard for Project Risk Management. From my previous experience, what suits me better is:

    First round:

    • Reading the Rita’s book for RMP without taking any note, just to understand

    Second round:

    • Reading the Rita’s book for RMP but this time taking notes
    • Reading the PMBOK and the Practice standard for Project Risk Management to have deep understanding of the concepts matching with Rita’s book.
    • Questioning myself to check if I really have memorized the input, tools and outputs for each process without checking the book.

    Third round:

    • Simulators! It worth a lot to simulate taking an exam to have an idea about your points of improvements and later focus only on this. If you are fine with the risks responses but you need to improve the knowledge about the tools and techniques, it makes more sense to focus only in what is necessary for you.
      I went through some options but I did most of I could take. Some of the links I can recall are:

    Between the first and second round I decided to schedule my exam. I preferred to take the exam in person with a certified provider. Maybe for you is better the virtual option but in my case, it works better with a pencil, and reading the questions in a paper as the old school…
    The exam had 170 questions, and more than 20 occupied a sheet with graphics about MonteCarlo and questions when you have to calculate the contingency, reserves, exposure, etc. In a similar way as PMP exam, you have to read carefully because some data from the question is not relevant at all for the answer.
    I’d recommend to be very familiar with the methods for qualitative and quantitative analysis and when the difference between both processes, when and why to choose a tool based on the context of the question.
    I hope you find this post useful for you. Best of the luck on taking your exam!!

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    That's great! thanks for sharing @Vanessa-Diaz

  • Really great post @Vanessa-Diaz! Thank you for sharing your story. I take similar actions with my studying - read through once, then take notes on the second read through.
    If you are also on, please consider sharing your story there as well. I'm sure many would find it useful.

  • @andrewcraig Thank you Andrew!, I'll post there also.


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