What are best project management tips and tricks?

  • How do you do it all? Here is my short list of nine must-have skills for project managers that will help you get there.

    Communication- The ability to communicate with people at all levels is always named as the most important skill for project managers.
    Be an effective communicator- Think creatively about the communication channels you have: Emails, Collaboration tools, Team meetings/face-to-face, Web and online conferencing
    Scheduling- What is a project manager without a plan? Being able to organize and plan tasks in the right order to hit the right outcome at the right time is a major part of project management
    Team management- Your team could have a lot of project experience, or none, but either way they will be looking to you for advice and guidance about how to get projects done. So manage your team the right way, using the right tools!
    Cost Control- Cost management is a critical topic for project managers. You need to show that you can deliver projects within the cost constraints, by managing the finances intelligently.
    Critical Thinking- Critical Thinking is core to being able to make good decisions. This is what distinguishes a project manager who is good at managing issues from someone who blows issues out of the water every time.
    Multi-tasking-Studies say that human brain is not made for multi-tasking. But under tight schedules a project manager should be prepared to bite more than he can chew. That’s where knowing the right tools for managing multiple tasks can be of great help
    Negotiation-Project managers with good negotiation skills will be an asset to their teams as they seek to resolve conflicts by finding the win-win scenarios for everyone.
    Project Recovery- I hope you don’t have to do project recovery. But, if you are looking to boost your career then showing your skills to turn around a poor performing team and project will certainly set you aside from your peers.
    Enthusiasm- Plain and simple, we don't like leaders who are negative - they bring us down. We want leaders with enthusiasm, with a bounce in their step, with a can-do attitude. Be a positive manager and spread positivity.