Which project management software is better than BaseCamp?

  • Siobhan O'Rorke, B.Com. Operations Management & Management, University of Sydney (2011)
    Answered Jun 22, 2017
    It totally depends on what you think ‘better’ is! That being said, in my opinion Zenkit is better than BaseCamp for the following reasons:

    It’s more powerful

    It’s extremely flexible - you can use it to manage any project, collection, personal or work data. Each ‘collection’ in Zenkit lets you set up your own custom fields so that you track only the data you need.
    You can connect different collections together to form a relational database (without having to be a DB expert!). For example, you can link customers to invoices, then use that information to calculate a ‘lifetime value’ for each customer using our powerful formula feature.
    Its user friendly

    Zenkit lets users work with their data in a number of familiar ‘views’. You can manage your project using a table, Kanban board, calendar, list, or even mind map, and switch between them at any time. This means that everyone can use a tool they feel comfortable with.
    The interface is simple and beautiful, and it’s intuitive to use. If you ever get stuck using it, there is extensive documentation and tutorial videos to help you out.
    It’s great for team collaboration

    Zenkit has a number of really helpful collaboration features that can help teams collaborate. While it doesn’t have some of the more social ‘campfire’ aspects that Basecamp does, as a work-focused app, Zenkit excels.

    You can easily assign tasks to members by dragging & dropping their user icons onto an item or task.
    Users can subscribe to receive notifications about items, collections, or even filters (eg. I subscribe to a ‘created by me’ filter so I’m always up to date on the progress of bug reports I create for our dev team).
    You can use Zenkit to share and manage files with your team members.
    @mentions in comments means you can notify your colleagues when something needs their attention.
    Comments mean that all discussion on a task or item is directly linked to that item, so everyone can see the history of the item in one place.
    And I think it looks cooler

    We strive to make Zenkit a modern, user-friendly and beautiful app.