Which are the best 5 PMS (portfolio management services)?

  • While there are plenty of PMS firms across India, it is important to conduct a thorough background check on any firm you decide to go with. If you are looking to invest PMS investment we at Multi-Act, provide a comprehensive Portfolio Management Service that includes a sizable coverage of listed stocks that can help you build a successful portfolio.

    The Key Aspects of our Portfolio Management Services are:

    • SEBI-approved alternative to mutual funds.

    • Austrian School credit cycle analysis framework

    • Focus on Risk adjusted returns

    • Performance based Management Fee

    • High Hurdle Rate of 13%

    • Monthly performance appraisal

    • Sustainability of returns – Adherence to process

    Our Portfolio Management Services include:

    Moat and Special Situations Portfolio: This service has an aim to generate superior risk adjusted returns by investing mainly in businesses with strong barriers to entry at fair value and also a smaller portion of the portfolio in businesses which may not necessarily have strong barrier to entry, but are available at deep discount to their intrinsic value.

    All Seasons Portfolio: This service has an aim to protect the purchasing power of the portfolio and grow the same under any macroeconomic environment. The strategy helps mitigate the various risks facing a portfolio including price Inflation or deflation, credit inflation or deflation, and more recently a global or emerging market contagion that could stem from a reversal of the global “carry trade”.

    In order to ensure a rational, risk- controlled approach to investing at Multi-Act, we follow a system we call the Global Rational Analysis Framework (GRAF). Our GRAF approach to investing is adapted from the technique of ‘Rational Analysis’ developed by the renowned John Bollinger. GRAF merges all four schools of investment analysis, namely fundamental, technical, quantitative and behavioral analyses in order to focus on Preservation of Capital and Prudent Asset Allocation. As our analysts and all our portfolio managers follow the GRAF process we can ensure that all our investors are assured a good night’s sleep.


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