Change Management and new technology

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    I just read an article on Harvard Business Review about change management and how to overcome resistance to change.
    Do you have any hints? any recent experience to share?

    Hope the article helps.

    Christian Mendieta

  • I find reaching out to those targeted and getting them involved goes a long way. Some won't be able or willing to get involved at the start. Those who can and do will become ambassadors for the change.

  • Wow, this article is from 1985! Regardless, change is change, and what is important, is the human element. The area of focus is on ensuring there is buy-in from the top - executive leadership - that will drive and coordinate the change; providing [or directing] the guidance in ensuring all those impacted understand the WIIFM and rationale behind and purpose of the change. It takes engagement, facilitation, transparency, leadership, and influence.


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